Summary of Talks for 2015

Date Speaker Topic
21 Jan (Wed) Nicholas Tan Fibonacci - Price and Time Application
10 Feb (Tue) John Schofield World Markets Medium-Term Outlook
27 Mar (Fri) Jennifer Ooi Bee Har Simple Technical Indicators in the World of Speculation
16 Apr (Thu) Patrick Yeo Ek Meng Commodities Futures Trading – Another Asset Class for Investors
18 May (Mon) Hank Pruden The 21st Century Technician
2 Jul (Thu) Kelvin Wong Is Volatility a Friend or a Foe? & Q3 2015 Global Markets Outlook
24 Jul(Fri) Nick Tan Decoding Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Cloud) Technique
13 Aug (Thu) Soh Tiong Hum One Man's Unqualified Look at Different Markets
18 Sep (Fri) Jonathan Tan How Trading Stocks, Forex, And Futures Can Bring Profits To Your Portfolio
28 Oct (Wed) Clement Wong Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
3 Dec (Thu) Wang Tao Decoding Fibonacci Retracement Analysis


Details of Talks


21 Jan Fibonacci - Price and Time Application

21 Jan (Wed), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Nick Tan


This talk is on the usage of Fibonacci on both price and time application. There are 4 sections to this talk. As emphasis is on application, many trading charts and examples will be shown to illustrate.

  1. Fibonacci Knowledge Base, where you will learn the all knowledge about Fibonacci
  2. Fibonacci Price Application, using retracement and extension.
  3. Fibonacci Price Cluster, using multiple price projection and price extension.
  4. Fibonacci Time Application, using Fibonacci numbers, ratio and cluster

10 Feb World Markets Medium-term Outlook

10 Feb (Tue), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

John Schofield, CFA, MFTA, has been based in Asia for over twenty years, originally as regional technical strategist with Schroder Securities and Pru-Bache Securities. He founded Tempus Investment in 2003, since when it has operated as an independent research firm and fund manager. John is a member of the CFA Institute and holds Diplomas from the UK Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

  • Big picture, medium-term chart analysis of Asian and Global market trends using weekly charts.
  • John offer his views on the current major themes and trends in global markets, while demonstrating Tempus’ unique style of chart analysis.
  • Filtering noise with weekly charts to identify long-term support and resistance levels.
  • Identifying emerging trends with weekly moving averages and MACDIdentifying important turning points through an objective trend change process model
  • Quantifying strength and reliability of trends with a few simple statistical tools

27 Mar Simple technical indicators in the world of speculation.

27 Mar (Fri), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Ms Jennifer Ooi Bee Har has more than 14 years of experience on equity and commodity markets. She is a senior market analyst with Wilmar. She worked for four years as a dealer in a Malaysia equity firm and then ten years in Wilmar. She studied in London South Bank University and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.


Market outlook on S&P 500, US dollar Index, Euro, Japanese Yen, Australia dollar and Singapore dollar, etc.

16 Apr Commodities Futures Trading – Another Asset Class for Investors

16 Apr (Thu), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Patrick Yeo Ek Meng is a Director and Vice President of the Singapore Exchange. His responsibility is in sales, marketing and education for commodities products listed on the exchange. Ek Meng has over 25 years of experience in the futures and commodities industry, having started his career as a bullion dealer in gold and silver in 1981. Prior to joining Singapore Exchange in February 2007, he was First Vice President at Man Financial (S) Pte Ltd. He has also held senior positions with other SGX Clearing Members, including being the Senior Vice President at Refco (S) Pte Ltd and Senior Associate Director at Ong First Pte Ltd. With his industry experience, Ek Meng has also been a regular speaker for seminars, training courses and conferences, covering futures, options and commodities. He has taught preparatory courses for the futures licensing examinations and commodities derivatives courses for new regulators.

  • Why is Commodities an Important Asset Class?
  • Types of Commodities Contracts
  • Exchanges that offers Commodities Products.
  • Factors Affecting Commodity Prices
  • SGX Commodities Availability
  • How to Get Started in Commodities Trading

18 May The 21st Century Technician

18 May (Mon), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Hank Pruden is a professor in the School of Business at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California where he has been teaching for 20 years. Hank is more than a theoretician, he has actively traded his own account for the past 20 years. He is the Executive Director of the Institute of Technical Market Analysis (ITMA). At Golden Gate he developed the accredited courses in technical market analysis in 1976.

Hank has mentored individual and institutional traders in the field of technical analysis for many years. He is presently on the Board of Directors of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco and is past president of that association. Hank was also on the Board of Directors of the Market Technicians Association (MTA). Hank has served as vice chair, Americas IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts): IFTA educates and certifies analysts worldwide. For eleven years Hank was the editor of The Market Technicians Association Journal, the premier publication of technical analysts. From 1982 to 1993 he was a member of the Board of Trustees of Golden Gate University.

2 Jul Is volatility a friend or a foe? & Q3 2015 Global Markets Outlook

2 Jul (Thu), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Kelvin Wong is professional technical analyst with extensive experience in stock indices, equities and foreign exchange. Kelvin employs a combination of fundamental and technical analysis and specialises in utilising Elliot Wave and Fibonacci analysis to pin point potential reversal levels in the financial market. Prior to joining City Index, Kelvin has traded actively and provided investment advisory for institutional traders/investors such as Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, ANZ and Goldman Sachs. He has also conducted technical analysis related trading workshops and seminars for thousands of private traders in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Understanding the cycle of volatility and its applications to trading/investing in the financial markets.
  • How to use a “volatility filter” to determine trend exhaustion/reversal and consolidation phases.
  • Using volatility to “quantify” the Elliot Wave Principle.
  • What are the key themes for Q3 2015 across the different asset classes (equities, currencies, fixed income & commodities) ?

24 Jul Decoding Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (cloud) technique

24 Jul (Fri), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Nick Tan

  1. Understanding the components of Ichimoku.
  2. Learning to use the various components together.
  3. Incorporating candlesticks patterns when it appears on the chart with Ichimoku to get greater accuracy.
  4. Incorporating price action into Ichimoku technique
  5. Case study on Ichimoku technique application

13 Aug One Man's Unqualified Look At Different Markets

13 Aug (Thu), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Soh Tiong Hum


It is no secret that the Straits Times Index was an out-performer recently. When China A50 was down 30%, Hang Seng Index was down 20% at one time, STI fell less than 10%. Despite this stability and safety, it was also reported in the news that stock trading volume on the Singapore Exchange is down and worrying. Why did investors disappear? Soh Tiong Hum, Managing Director of TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd looks at major forex pairs, oil, STI and STI components to tell himself a story.

18 Sep How trading stocks, forex, and futures can bring profits to your portfolio

18 Sep 2015 (Fri), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Jonathan Tan


If you have been frustrated by trading, been losing money in the market, just starting out in trading or would like to trade profitably then this is the workshop you must come. Jonathan Tan will be sharing with you the new generation of trading where signals are given in realtime as the market are moving.

28 Oct Fundamental Vs. Technical Analysis

28 Oct 2015 (Wed), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Clement Wong


Part 1-Investment style: What is your investing style? Different types of investment style, Momentum play investing , Growth stock investing, Value stock investing, Cyclical stock investing, Dividend stock investing.

Part 2- Technicals: The Dow theory, The random walk hypothesis and the efficient market theory, Percentage price change, New high / new low ratio, Advance / decline ratio, Price volatility, Change in volume.

3 Dec Decoding Fibonacci Retracement Analysis

3 Dec 2015 (Thu), 7pm - 9pm

Speaker Profile

Wang Tao is the commodity analyst with Thomsonreuters Singapore, and the president of TASS.

  • The commonly used Fibonacci retracements ratios
  • Which retracements are more important?
  • What is the common behavior of market when a retracement is approached?
  • What is the indication when a retracement is exceeded?
  • How to identify the starting point and the ending point
  • Can I combine several Fibonacci retracement analyses on the same chart?
  • Which Fibonacci retracement to rely on among a few, with the same ending point but different starting points?