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Date: May 20. 2016, Friday

Topic:  Market outlook on global indices and currencies.

           Currencies: SGD, AUD, EURO, GBP, JPY, CHF, MYR, USD INDEX

           Stock Indices : S&P500, HSI, NIKKEI, GDAXI and FTSE100, STI

Speaker:  Jennifer Ooi Bee Har

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location:    CMC Markets,  50 Raffles Place #14-06 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623 

Fee: $20 for public, TASS members free


About Jennifer Ooi

Ms Jennifer Ooi Bee Har has more than 14 years of experience on equity and commodity markets. She is a senior market analyst with Wilmar. She worked for four years as a dealer in a Malaysia equity firm and then ten years in Wilmar.  She studied in London South Bank University and obtained  a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She will share with audience her technique on MACD and RSI indicators,  with a focus on Japanese candlesticks.

Date: Aug 31. 2016, Wednesday

Topic:  to be advised 

Speaker:  Nick Tan

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location:   UOB Kay Hian Auditorium 8 Anthony Rd #01-01 Singapore 229957

Fee: $20 for public, TASS members free



Recent events

Date: April 13, 2016, Wed. 

Topic: Trading System Design: A Practical Guide 

What makes a good trading system?  How do we know if one entry or exit is better than another?  How do we come up with a trading system that suits our personality and lifestyle, and meets our trading objectives?  In this practical guide to trading system development, Alan will outline the process of investigating, testing and quantifying trading ideas - as well as pointing out some of the pitfalls typically made along the way. He will demonstrate the role skill and luck play in trading, and will show why some entries and exits work better than others.  He'll also discuss why just getting the market direction right is not enough to make consistent gains over the long run.  The presentation rounds off with a demonstration of designing a fully fledged trading system with real edge in the market.  If you want to find out how your current strategy stacks up, or are on the lookout for a better system, Alan will highlight the steps to take and show some of the tools available to you.

Speaker Allan Clement

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location:    CMC Markets,  50 Raffles Place #14-06 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623 

About Allan Clement

Alan  is a trading systems designer and independent trader with 25 years experience in the financial industry. He enjoyed a long career in both investment management and with a top-tier investment bank as a software developer and project manager, before going on to manage his own independent trading business. As well as trading the markets, he develops quantitative trading systems which target high risk-adjusted returns, in both local and overseas markets. He also provides consultancy and training to private and institutional traders and investors. Alan is an IFTA Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and Australian Technical Analysts Association Councillor based in Melbourne Australia. His market analysis, trading strategies and system development training programme can be found at


 March, 28th 2016, Monday

Topic: Investing in Time Frames


  • Defining a trend 
  • Four important time frame relationships for investors.
  • How investors can harness time frames for better investment outcomes

Speaker: BC Low (Low Boon Chin)

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location:   CMC Markets,  50 Raffles Place #14-06 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623 

About BC Low:

BC Low is a teacher-cum-practitioner in technical analysis since 1989. He is one of the earliest Chartered Market Technician (CMT) in Singapore. BC has taught technical analysis in a formal setting for 20 years. He has delivered many seminars to financial institutions locally and abroad.

BC has published both locally as well as in the leading US magazine Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. In September 2014, he published an ebook in the US entitled “Integrating Technical Analysis for the investor”. The book has been a Best Seller for the US publisher for 5 months after its launch.

Currently, BC is the president of TA Consultancy ( Previously, he was the technical analyst for Merill Lynch International Bank.

Date: Feb 29. 2016, Monday

Topic:  Panel discussion on cross-asset markets 

Speaker:  Ivan Koh, Soh Tiong Hum (In alphabetical order)

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location:    CMC Markets,  50 Raffles Place #14-06 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623 

Fee: $20 for public, TASS members free



Date: Jan. 8, Friday,  2016

Topic: Market Outlook 2016 - An inter-market approach

An attempt to forecast the possible performance of various assets class (currency, equity and commodity) in the year 2016 using an approach different from the main stream. (Top down or bottom up) Inter-market relationship is also a branch of technical analysis, which has been around for a long time. 


1.    Technical or Fundamental debate (Charts or PE Ratio)

2.    Another approach using inter-market relationships

3.    Understanding the various relationships between currency, equity and commodity

4.    Using these approaches (technical, fundaTmental and inter-market relationships) to analyze

a.    The currency (FX) market

b.    Equity market

c.    Commodity

Speaker: Nicholas Tan

Topic:  Decoding Fibonacci Retracement Analysis

Date: Dec. 3 Thursday


•          The commonly used Fibonacci retracements ratios

•          Which retracements are more important?

•          What is the common behavior of market when a retracement is approached?

•          What is the indication when a retracement is exceeded?

•          How to identify the starting point and the ending point

•          Can I combine several Fibonacci retracement analyses on the same chart?

•          Which Fibonacci retracement to rely on among a few, with the same ending point but different starting points?

Speaker:  Wang Tao

About the speaker

Wang is the commodity analyst with Thomsonreuters Singapore, and the president of TASS.

Date:  October 28, Wednesday

Speaker: Clement Wong

Topic:   Fundamental Vs. Technical Analysis

Part 1-Investment style


What is your investing style?  Different types of investment style, Momentum play investing , Growth stock investing, Value stock investing, Cyclical stock investing,  Dividend stock investing

Part 2- Technicals,

The Dow theory,  The random walk hypothesis and the efficient market theory, Percentage price change,  New high / new low ratio, Advance / decline ratio, Price volatility, Change in volume

Date:  September 18,  Friday

Speaker: Jonathan Tan

Topic:  How trading stocks, forex, and futures can bring profits to your portfolio

Content:  If you have been frustrated by trading, been losing money in the market, just starting out in trading or would like to trade profitably then this is the workshop you must come. Jonathan Tan will be sharing with you the new generation of trading where signals are given in realtime as the market are moving. 

Date:  August 13, Thursday

Speaker: Soh Tiong Hum

One Man's Unqualified Look At Different Markets


It is no secret that the Straits Times Index was an out-performer recently. When China A50 was down 30%, Hang Seng Index was down 20% at one time, STI fell less than 10%. Despite this stability and safety, it was also reported in the news that stock trading volume on the Singapore Exchange is down and worrying. Why did investors disappear? Soh Tiong Hum, Managing Director of TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd looks at major forex pairs, oil, STI and STI components to tell himself a story.


Date:  July 24, Friday  (Annual general meeting)

Speaker: Nick Tan

Topic:  Decoding  Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (cloud) technique 


1.       Understanding the components of Ichimoku.

2.       Learning to use the various components together.

3.       Incorporating candlesticks patterns when it appears on the chart with Ichimoku to get greater accuracy.

4.       Incorporating price action into Ichimoku technique

5.       Case study on Ichimoku technique application


Date:  July 2, Thursday 

Title: Is volatility a friend or a foe? & Q3 2015 Global Markets Outlook.


·         Understanding the cycle of volatility and its applications to trading/investing in the financial markets.

·         How to use a “volatility filter” to determine trend exhaustion/reversal and consolidation phases.

·         Using volatility to “quantify” the Elliot Wave Principle.

·         What are the key themes for Q3 2015 across the different asset classes (equities, currencies, fixed income & commodities) ?


Speaker: Kelvin Wong 

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Kelvin is professional technical analyst with extensive experience in stock indices, equities and foreign exchange. Kelvin employs a combination of fundamental and technical analysis and specialises in utilising Elliot Wave and Fibonacci analysis to pin point potential reversal levels in the financial market. Prior to joining City Index, Kelvin has traded actively and provided investment advisory for institutional traders/investors such as Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, ANZ and Goldman Sachs. He has also conducted technical analysis related trading workshops and seminars for thousands of private traders in Singapore and Malaysia.


Date:  May 18 , Monday

Topic:  The 21st Century Technician

Speaker: Professor Hank Pruden

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Location:   IG Singapore

9 Battery Road, Straits Trading Building

21st-floor Sky Garden

Singapore 049910

Please approach IG staff at the first floor to be taken to the venue.


Fee: $20 for public, TASS members free


About the speaker: 

Hank Pruden is a professor in the School of Business at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California where he has been teaching for 20 years. Hank is more than a theoretician, he has actively traded his own account for the past 20 years.

He is the Executive Director of the Institute of Technical Market Analysis (ITMA). At Golden Gate he developed the accredited courses in technical market analysis in 1976.

Hank has mentored individual and institutional traders in the field of technical analysis for many years. He is presently on the Board of Directors of the Technical Securities Analysts Association of San Francisco and is past president of that association. Hank was also on the Board of Directors of the Market Technicians Association (MTA). Hank has served as vice chair, Americas IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts): IFTA educates and certifies analysts worldwide. For eleven years Hank was the editor of The Market Technicians Association Journal, the premier publication of technical analysts. From 1982 to 1993 he was a member of the Board of Trustees of Golden Gate University.

Commodities Futures Trading – Another Asset Class for Investors 

Date:  April 16, Thursday 



Why is Commodities an Important Asset Class?

-Types of Commodities Contracts

-Exchanges that offers Commodities Products.

-Factors Affecting Commodity Prices

-SGX Commodities Availability

-How to Get Started in Commodities Trading


Speaker: Patrick Yeo Ek Meng


About Mr Yeo 

Yeo Ek Meng is a Director and Vice President of the Singapore Exchange.

His responsibility is in sales, marketing and education for commodities products listed on the exchange.

Ek Meng has over 25 years of experience in the futures and commodities industry, having started his career as a bullion dealer in gold and silver in 1981.  

Prior to joining Singapore Exchange in February 2007, he was First Vice President at Man Financial (S) Pte Ltd.  
He has also held senior positions with other SGX Clearing Members, including being the Senior Vice President at Refco (S) Pte Ltd and Senior Associate Director at Ong First Pte Ltd.

With his industry experience, Ek Meng has also been a regular speaker for seminars, training courses and conferences, covering futures, options and commodities.  

He has taught preparatory courses for the futures licensing examinations and commodities derivatives courses for new regulators.

Date:  March 27th, Friday

Topic:   Simple technical indicators in the world of speculation.

Outline:  Market outlook on S&P 500, US dollar Index, Euro, Japanese Yen, Australia dollar and Singapore dollar, etc.

Speaker: Jennifer Ooi Bee Har

About Jennifer

Ms Jennifer Ooi Bee Har has more than 14 years of experience on equity and commodity markets. She is a senior market analyst with Wilmar. She worked for four years as a dealer in a Malaysia equity firm and then ten years in Wilmar.  She studied in London South Bank University and obtained  a Bachelor of Business Administration degree 


Feb. 10th talk:  World Markets Medium-term Outlook 


·        Big picture, medium-term chart analysis of Asian and Global market trends using weekly charts.

·      John offer his views on the current major themes and trends in global markets, while demonstrating Tempus’ unique style of chart analysis.

·       Filtering noise with weekly charts to identify long-term support and resistance levels.

·      Identifying emerging trends with weekly moving averages and MACDIdentifying important turning points through an objective trend change process model

·         Quantifying strength and reliability of trends with a few simple statistical tools  

Speaker: John Schofield,  CFA, MFTA 

Date: February 10 , Tuesday 

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Location:  50 Raffles Place #14-06 Singapore Land Tower Singapore 048623 

About John Schofield :

John has been based in Asia for over twenty years, originally as regional technical strategist with Schroder Securities and Pru-Bache Securities. 

 He founded Tempus Investment in 2003, since when it has operated as an independent research firm and fund manager. John is a member of the CFA Institute and holds Diplomas from the UK Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

Fibonacci - Price and Time Application


This talk is on the usage of Fibonacci on both price and time application.  There are 4 sections to this talk. As emphasis is on application, many trading charts and examples will be shown to illustrate.

Part 1: Fibonacci Knowledge Base, where you will learn the all knowledge about Fibonacci

Part 2: Fibonacci Price Application, using retracement and extension.

Part 3: Fibonacci Price Cluster, using multiple price projection and price extension

Part 4: Fibonacci Time Application, using Fibonacci numbers, ratio and cluster.

Speaker: Nick Tan

Date:  Jan 21, Wed

Time: 7:00-9:00pm


Portfolio of Trading Systems: Path of Least Resistance to Consistent Profitability

What you will learn in the presentation

- Key success factors to build a trading system

- How to evaluate trading system and a portfolio of trading system

- Live demonstration of building a trading system using Amibroker / Multicharts

- Live examples of Monte Carlo analysis using Market System Analyzer

Speaker: Teguh 

Date:  Dec. 15, Monday

Time: 7:00-9:00pm


Market Outlook 2015

Speaker: Ivan Koh

Date:  Oct. 16, Thursday

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Location: SCCCI exibition room, (near City Hall MRT), 47, Hill street, Spore 179365

Fee: $20 for public, TASS members free



Video screening:  Price Action Strategies (part two) 

- The Real Reasons Why Traders & Investors Need Rules

by Charles Brown

Date: Sept 27


Topic:  The Arts of Technical Analysis 


Open Interest/volume

Timeframes – Monthly,Weekly, Daily, Support and Resistances

Candlesticks, Bar and Trend Line

Speaker: Jennifer Ooi

Date:  Aug 8

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Location: SCCCI exibition room, 

About  the speaker:

Ms Jennifer ooi Bee Har has more than 14 years of experience on equity and commodity markets. She is a senior market analyst with Wilmar. She worked for four years as a dealer in a Malaysia equity firm and then ten years in Wilmar.  She studied in London South Bank University and obtained  a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She will share with audience her technique on MACD and RSI indicators,  with a focus on Japanese candlesticks.


The society organized a technical analysis course in September and October 2014, it was a huge success. 

There were 18 members attending the course, general feedback was very positive. Some of the testimonials are as follows:

·         “ hope to attend another one, if have.”,

·         “well organized material and practical approach”

·         “sincere, practical, can be trusted, understanding of the theory and practical measures”

·         “great course, one of the best I have attended, at least I can use the method taught”

The society followed several strict principles to organize technical analysis courses, they are listed as follows:

1.     Quality speaker, which we think is the key to a successful course. The ideal speaker should be equipped both with strong knowledge and practical trading experience.

2.     Genuine and robust course syllabus. Different from commercial courses, the course offered by the society is endorsed by the experts in the society, it is enriching in content, practical in technique, more relevant to trading.

3.     Reasonable fee structure. The purpose of the course is not for making money, but for education. As a result, the fee could be reduced to the minimum.

For details of the courses, please click here

AGM & Video screening:  Price Action Strategies 

Speaker: Charles Browne

Date:  July 31

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Location: SCCCI exibition room,

About Charles 

Charles Browne is a full time private trader and ATAA Life Member. He was the ATAA National President from 2004 to 2009 and has served as the President of the South Australian ATAA Chapter since 1996. His first trade was in 1972 and since then he has traded a range of markets, including shares, options, index futures and currencies. He has lectured in technical analysis at tertiary level and has given numerous presentations in cities across Australia. In addition to the markets, Charles also enjoys flying light sports aircraft, and has found remarkable similarities between flying and trading.


Gap Trading Strategies for the Equity Market.


a.     Short term trading  

                    Short term trading strategies using 3 different types of gaps in the stock market.  

                    Short term trading strategies using gap formations with candlesticks. 

                      Short term trading strategies using gap formations with price.  

b.     Intraday trading  

        Gap trading strategies for S&P and DJ futures 

Date: June 26, Thursday

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Speaker: Nick Tan

Nicholas Tan  has more than 20 years of experience in the area of foreign exchange (forex) trading. He worked for 13 years as a forex trader with banks in Singapore, gathering much invaluable experience in the process. He rose from the ranks to vice president, making millions for the banks in those years. From 2005 to 2008, Nicholas Tan  was involved in the Diploma in Wealth Management Course at a private institute where he taught as a free lance lecturer, a module on forex and CFD Trading (stock market). In conjunction with Rank Books and Rank Seminar, Nicholas Tan  has been running monthly forex trading classes since 2007. This class is now Singapore’s longest running forex class, and has exposed hundreds of participants to his simple yet highly effective forex trading techniques. Besides a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, Nicholas Tan  is also a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe).

Date:  March 6, 2014,  Thursday

Speaker: Kelvin Wong from Cityindex

Seeking Out-performance In U.S Stock Market Using Sector Rotation Strategy& Global Stock Market Outlook for 1H 2014

1)      Identify the key business sectors that make up the benchmark S&P 500 index

2)      Respective business sector’s  performance during each of the 5 different stages of the business cycle

3)      Learn a technical analysis method used by professionals to implement a  robust sector rotation strategy

4)      Global stock market outlook using Elliot Wave, channeling techniques & indicators

Date:  Feb. 10, 2014, Monday

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Speaker: Eoin Treacy

Topics : Tapering and how it may affect investment themes?

Date: Nov. 28 (Thursday)  

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Speaker: Lim Tat Seng and Sunny Chong


Charting Financial Markets (TS Lim)  

Agendas :

 - News & Composite Man 

- Review of Major World Indices

- Review of Commodity Charts

- Review of STI Weekly Bull & Bear Divergence Chart

- A Random Walk through Singapore Stock market

- Price action on Bulls & Bears 

Protect your Investment (Sunny Chong)


- Medishield Changes and how that affect you 

- Claims - Successful and Unsuccessful ones

- Doing it right: How to protect yourself with the correct coverage 

- How to avoid pitfalls when taking up insurance.  

Lower risk with higher returns by substituting shares with call options

Speaker: Neil Godwin  

Date:  Oct. 23 (Wednesday)

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Location: SCCCI exibition room, (near City Hall MRT)

Fee: $20 for public, TASS members free


About the talk

The presentation will clearly illustrate the simplicity of investing with Call options instead of shares. By selecting the stocks with the best fundamental statistics and by utilizing Neil’s strategies,  an investor can achieve returns normally only associated with highly speculative stocks but without the risk which would be associated with those highly speculative stocks.
Neil Godwin has invested with options since 1992 & is willing to draw on this depth of experience to answer any questions you may have at this meeting. No advice will be given but no ‘options’ questions will be out of bounds. Detailed comparisons, explanations & examples will be covered.
It is Neil’s opinion that a new bull market has already begun and anyone looking to benefit from it over the next few years should not miss this opportunity.


International and local speakers are welcome to present to TASS members. TASS monthly meeting schedule is quite flexible, normally between 7-10 pm. Please email for arrangement, kindly be informed that the talks are subject to TASS committee approval. TASS committee reserved the rights to consider and reject any talk offers. 


Charting software vendors are welcome to present to TASS members. You may try to introduce your charting software functions, if you think your charting software is fantastic and price is competitive, you may approach the committee for arrangement of the talks, please contact  for further details. Kindly be informed, the talks are subject to TASS committee approval, TASS committee reserved the rights to consider and reject any talk offers.


** The committee are pleased to announce that members of TASS are proudly invited by CME groupe to post their analyses on the website of the exchange. For more details, members please log in TASS website and look for  Analysts' Contributions, then "Contribution to CME".


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